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China Planet - HMLV

In 2007, following the expansion of the company, we founded HMLV: a new design and assembly site. HMLV is located in Shenzen, China, and currently employs 210 people.

The site includes two main production lines: cables/braids and assemblies.
The production lines are backed by engineering, purchasing, and supply chain management departments.
Amphenol invests significant resources in maintaining the site at the highest level of innovation and technology, including adherence to the same standards and regulations held by the Amphenol Corporation.
The plant in China affords us almost unlimited flexibility in production according to customer preference, as we allocate activities among the two production floors. For example, we may plan for initial production to start in Israel, and mass production to follow in China.
Allotment of resources between Israel and China is determined according to economic viability, engineering process and customer preference.
HMLV is headed by an Israeli manager reporting directly to the CEO of Amphenol Tel-Ad in Israel, and the plant is part and parcel of the Company’s know how and growth potential.

Production in HMLV
Manufacturing in China affords us almost unlimited flexibility. We can allocate production according to economic viability, engineering process, and customer preference